Friday, August 06, 2010

Ok, writing every day has been happening. Just not here. I'm getting better. LOL. I have been trying to be taking more pictures too. Ok, insperation isn't as rampit some days then others. Exciting things are happening, next week Jerid will be going to a summer camp for the next two weeks. Its a day camp, I hope that Jerid will like it. That is my main worry is that he will not like it. It's sometimes hit and miss with him, some days he likes things and the same things the next day make him mad. so it should be an adventure when it comes to this.

Entil then I'm working my second sock, for myself, and just bought some yarn, the Ravenclaw colors from the book (blue and bronze) I am hoping I get the gumtion to actually have something complete for the next Harry Potter movie comes out in November.

Ok, happy knitting!

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