Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The FuMP Sideshow

The FuMP Sideshow

Here is a link to some intresting and funny music, even if you don't know firefly!

Friday, March 26, 2010

We are, like most people in the Midwest. Worried about the rising waters especially in Carver MN. On one of the dike the rising waters and on the other, the house we are tring to fix for Justin's father. The Pictures were taken on the same dike. We are still awaiting word from the Weatherization company to see what happen's next...I hope things will come around soon, it's getting scary here on the wire. Pictures of the house are taken by Sara Dibble, the Bridge is taken by Justin Hartley.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jerid has been doing well on his practices for the Special Olympics and he gets tired after his practice, he is a trooper, thow this week he had an ear infection he will be ready to work by next week. Justin got news that workers will be coming to his dad's house on the 8th of this month! I will be taking pictures as the progression goes! no pictures now but as soon as the work begins I will be posting them, for now no pics! sorry, that leaves room for suspence! LOL! I have been taking pictures of my dolls and that is about it. The weather has been getting better here in MN we as a familly are looking forward to spring! We actually started Spring Cleaning for Justin's dad's house and for our own house. On the up side Jerid has been gaining weight! He has been averaging about a pound a week! I don't think he has ever averaged that in his life, it's great! I'm so happy he is growing, there was a time when the docters thought that he might not. He's 75 lbs and growing! It's Awesome! Justin has been sticking with the same story, I think he might finish it! I'm proud of him! He is a good writer and I'm happy he is sticking threw to the end he is also talking about illistraiting and having me help, I'm more then happy to do so! Now I'm looking forward to getting Jerid's very own Aqua Jogger so he can compete in the Special Olympics, entill he gets one he can't, so I get paid tomorrow and that is first on the aggenda!