Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now that I have my creative writing out of the way, I can write about my life. The Ode to Chubby Hubby was because of yesterday. I was sick yesterday and to settle my tummy Justin bought me some Chubby Hubby, and it helped. Silly I know, but true. I tummy is settled, but still a little ill. I was introduced to the ice cream by my late husband Eric. It was one of his favorites, and those who know they discontinued the flavor for a while and reintroduced it only a year or two ago. I also have heard the reference to the flavor on Everybody loves Raymond. I thought it funny that I was eating it when it was made.

Now I have to announce that I have finished one of the Wicked Wicked Elphaba socks, this last week, I really like the pattern. It is beautiful.

I know I have written about Jerid and the Special Olympics, the "rap up Party" for the Spring Olympics is coming up on the 25th of April, to get pictures of the teams (swimming and basketball) for the local paper. I will be posting the pictures as well on my blogs.

The Minnesota river is now under 21 feet in Carver MN. and we don't have sub pump the basement anymore! I am greatful for that.

There has been many stresses in my life so I'm getting it out now, at the beginning of this there was an outstanding bill that was owed to Justin's mom, (long, long, long story,) around 750 dollars long. Soon after we took out money from the last of our savings to pay her off, dryer died, it is truly dead. Just last week our water heater died as well, and because we live in a trailer, it is large some of money to replace the effing thing!! GRRRR!!! (Way more then 750 dollars) The same day we found that out we did our taxes, we had to pay in six dollars to fed. and we get twelve back from state. OK, not bad, then we got a letter from Justin's work saying that he will have a ten percent pay decrease, effective now. They are claiming it's because of increased premiums of their insurance plans, which I think it interesting that Justin doesn't get insurance through his work, so where is it going? I don't think he should pay for something he doesn't get himself.

I think it's safe to say I don't like money. I never really liked it. I understand that we need it as an economic country, we can not live without it. With out it you can't get anything. Which sucks.
Sorry to get political but I have to say...
I'm wishing for a change. I understand that Obama is fighting for the little guy, (which we are in that little guy range) I just wish the rest of Washington could get on board.

I heard on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) the other day from a caller who was in the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party, say that people will have to get off welfare, and get a job.

I have something to say to those who think that way.

Not everyone on welfare wants to be there. If there were jobs, they would get them. Some people have no choice on the matter. Some have criminal records, some are disabled, some are clinically depressed, some don't have an education and are under qualified, some are over qualified, and some don't have the money to get the proper work attire, and some don't even know what that is. Some don't have proper day care or the means to get it, some are single parents getting threw a ruff patch, and are trying to find their way.

A lot of the people are hard workers at heart, and just have fallen into a rut and should not be judged.

I certainly didn't when I was put in the welfare system. I was to old to be on my parents insurance and two young to be on strait M. A. (Medical Assistance) I was 19 years old and pregnant. The county signed me on to the welfare program (cash assistance and food stamps) which cost the county more then to just cover my medical expenses, WTF! I ended up getting married to get M. A. so I wasn't on welfare. For the record, we got married because we were in love too, the M.A thing was icing on the cake. (that too is a long story)

I do think they, the county, has to look at what people want and what they need, and respect what the individual wants.

I admit that their are people who wreck the system for the rest of the population, it happens on every system that exists. But every system is different and it is fluid and always changing, just like this health care reform. It will be changed by the course of time and who is in office will reflect that. I'm not happy with everything happening in Washington either, I'll be truthful. I'm not 100% happy either.

But I stand by the fact that not everyone who is there wants to there.

I heard that most of the TEA party members make more then 100,000 dollars in a year. They don't the gov. to take over health care, the banks, or anything. Yet when they see suffering, they contact their congress men and say what are you going to to about that.

I say what are YOU going to to about that!!! If you don't like what's going on in your community, get involved in it. The only way to make a change is to change what you don't like yourself. Become a volunteer, pick up litter when you see it. If you don't want to give your money give your time to a shelter, see where your tax money is going and help out in the causes you believe in most, a rally shows Washington that your mad, but don't you think that you could have used that time to volunteer some where? Don't you think you would have getten a better feeling of self worth? You can be the judge.

Now that rant is over, I have to say, even with my stomach issues, I can see that it is a nice day outside in Minnesota. I think I do some knitting in the sun today.

Maybe take some pictures.
A poem...

Ode to Chubby Hubby.

Oh, Chubby Hubby, how I adore your peanutery gooiness.
The chocolate covered allore of the salty peanut butter filled pretzel.
Ben & Jerry how I stand in aw of your wonderful creation, wondering how I ate you so quickly and when OH, when will you bring back the other wonder, your Black and Tan. Because that was good too!

Thank you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jerid was at the State compition for swimming for the Special Olypmics today, he got second place in the fifteen meter assistant swim! I am so proud of him, I can't wait to see what he does next!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The water is receding in the river in Carver MN, and the house is getting more work done, the Weatherization group has come in this week making updates on the heating sistems.