Monday, June 27, 2011

Ok, so a I am feeling the need to speak up about this Minnesota Government shut down. I try to stay away from politics because I hate confrontaton but I'm so very frustrated about this shut down because it seems that more people are affected by this then last time. This shut down is going to affect my son (pictured) He is a wonderful child with Autism and global Apraxia. Because of this shut down his summer programs have been put on hold. Or cancelled all together. He and his friends at day camp, our funding that helps pay the bills are on hold and I'm not the only one suffering, some parents will have to take leave from work to take care of their differantly abled loved ones for a undisclosed amount of time. Not only are the parents affected but the ones who work with the elderly and or disabled have to take time off of work or work without pay. I'm also going to put it out there that most people that are working with the elderly and or disabled are mostly not doing it for the pay. They live like most paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet.

So when I heard that Gov. Dayton will not take a pay check during this shut down, I was happy to hear it. Then I heard that the rest of the government that is causing this shut down want to get paid I got mad.

I understand that not everyone in the gov. is rich. So Flippen what!!! I'm not rich, my son and many on program are not going to his summer programs. People are getting screwed left and right their summer plans for camping and more, not knowing when they can return to work or if their relatives are going to get the treatments they were promised or desurve. What is worse the politions don't want to go without a paycheck because they were not doing their jobs the right way in the first place! WTF!!!

Ok I know that Dayton is rich and he has money to spare so him not taking a paycheck is symbolic at best, but he's not making tax payers pay more when others are suffering.

The reason for the shut down is because Dayton (A Democrat) want's to charge the top 2% (the Richest in Minnesota) more in taxes and the majority (Republicans) Don't want to raise taxes they want to cut funding to everything so that the top 2% (richest of Minnesota) keep their money.

On the argument that it is the top 2% (again the richest) are the ones who create jobs and if you charge them the same amount (which it wouldn't be the same it still would be less) as the average waige earners they will leave the state taking their jobs with them.

So if we just cut all funding to everything, not raise any revinue and petending we are not drowning in a sea of dept then we will just be fine? (Right)

On the other side of that is if that were true then with all of the money that the top 2% of earners haven't created more jobs by now when the hell will they?

The fact of it is, if we don't have revinue we will just fail, the counties will suffer and the tax payers will pay more in property tax and they will give up and find a new place to live leaving the small businesses without customers and it be like it has been for years, only worse. (Thank you Pawlenty)

It just seems logical in a house hold. If you have cut all expences, lugeries, and have done all you can down to the bear essentals and you are still not making ends meet and you are working all you can for what you have. Sometimes you have to take the chance and ask your bosses for a raise. Or find a new job. I look at the gov. the same way. It's time for them to ask for a raise from the ones that are paying the least.

In my opinion they should not get paid if all other gov. imployees that are not in politics that haven't done anything except our jobs are not getting paid. It's only fair.

It's sad to think that in this day in age Robin Hood would be consitered a Liberal Democrat that just wants the to make everyone poor. Instead of a hero.

As for my son and I we are going to do the best with the little we have and try to make this summer something more then a wash.

I'm also hopeing to sell stuff at ConVergance (a sci-fi convention that is going on this weekend, one of which I wouldn't be going if I didn't pay a year in advance)

Sorry for the rant I just felt very passionate about this, I hope in the final days before the shut down they find a way to make it not happen. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I would like to point out that this is long over do, and I'm sorry for the delay.

Well I had recieved some really good goodies from the Beltain (Mayday) Swap and I'm greatful to say that my package did make it there. I didn't get any pictures apon the arrival of my package but I have some pictures of some of the things that I got, I'll be posting more later...I would like to say to YaYaSis, thank you again fro the lovely gifts.

My very first package from a different country, all the way from Berlin Germany. I thought that was so cool!

In my package that I recieved was a spindle and some roving, (the roving isn't pictured, it was a lovely purple), I have never spun my own yarn, so I took my new spindle to the Sheperd Harvest Festival and learned how to spin or "role my own" yarn. I also got some really cool sock yarn which I started new socks for myself. (pictured, socks were the Blue Bell socks from One hundred and One Designer One Skien Wonders book) I love the color way and couldn't stop to take a before picture (sorry). She also sent me some jewlry, chocolate and some goodies for my dollies. I'm going to post some pictures with those idems (I promise).