Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lately I have been on face book ranting about the way the community and the world has been acting. I have been reading how religious groups have been holding up signs saying "God hates...fill in the blank..." I realize that it's been going on long before I was born and will be going on as long as the human race has posible thumbs.
I am not a Christian, nor do I follow the Christian faith in any way, I do not have a church, People are the ones that hate. To say or put in writing that God hates anything is selfish and ignerate and should have some serious counciling to boot. I know that the universel God is supposed to made of love and nothing more.
I also realize as long as there is opposing thoughts and politics that people will bash anyone as long as they are in a politial party that they are not in, weather they like them as a person or not. It's sad and frustrating.
I admit that I have opposing views in politics, I will also debate with people. I admit I didn't mind the bashing when it was George W. Bush. I had disliked him from the beggining because I was so frustrated and felt like my freedom of speech was being squished while he was our president, I got on the band wagon as soon as the uprise of political bashing happened, now that the world is happy that he is out of office. I am realizing how even with less fustration with our present the world has, people with opposing thoughts are angry. They are excersizing their freedom of speech, I just wish it didn't sound so much like they are screaming fire, in a crowded theater and there is none.
I have to admit that I am not perfect in the least bit. I'm the first to admit this. I just wish more people would personify their beliefs as something more then their own.

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