Friday, May 23, 2008

Well it is almost time for the school year to come to a close. Jerid has already redescovered his swingset in the back yard and is having a wonderful time.

Jerid had started on a Gluten Free diet, in September of 2007 and he has started a program with the people at KidTalk. soon after Christmas, which they are his new O.T. and Speech Therapy sessions.(after school and through the summer) and he is doing well, he went from completely non verbal to saying some words! Though he isn't consistant at the moment I am crossing my fingers and hopeing the changes that have been happening with his diet and life that they give him the brakethrough he needs. (so far so good).

Justin is now in two bands, the Fung Shui Ninja's and Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters, he has been busy writing music and also taking care of his father (fresh out of the VA hospital) Sence his dad doesn't feel like there is a reason someone should be helping to take care of him (he has to use a walker and still thinks he can live on the second floor of his house and doesn't believe that soap should be used for anything except washing landry, extra, extra, extra...) He dosn't make it easy on him at all. It is all I can do to keep him sane, making him into Jerid's P.C.A. (aren't I sweet)

As for myself, I have found a (limited part-time) job doing finishing work for Steven at the The Yarn Garage. I am also trying to find people in my Area, (Chaska/Victoria) to come and knit/crochet with me at the Carabou Coffee in Chaska/ Jonathan area (off of highway 41 in front of Rainbow foods) on Sunday nights starting at 6p.m. I want to start meeting people with my simular intrestes in the community.

Anyone who is intrested can e-mail me or better yet come with your projects, on Sunday nights. I would love to meet new people!