Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Weekend.

This weekend we had some wonderful friends come out to clean and organize our garage. The brave souls who sacrificed their Saturday in 94 degree heat with no AC, to come out and clean our scary garage. We are so very grateful! (Kevin, Theresa, Teresa, Tommy, and Doug)  We feel we can't thank you enough!
apple blossoms through the stained glass window
picture taken by Sara Dibble

The rest of the weekend will be filled with music and family. Justin has been playing music mostly non stop for the last few weeks, recording with Beth Kinderman and playing random gigs and having shows at conventions, this is the first weekend back with the Leprechaun Pirates in a few weeks.  He did get to play with many of his bands at his Birthday celebration, but some of the steady practices have had to go to the way side, now he's getting back on track. 

We have been opening the shop a bit more lately.  This week though we've taken a brake, Karen had gone camping and garage cleaning has taken center stage at the moment.

Jerid has been doing amazing at the STAR program, when his anxiety isn't getting the better of him.  We will be taking him to see the neurologist in July to see what could be done. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Winter 2.0

Well it snowed about to feet yesterday, (April 15, 2018) So very grateful for the ability to have a full pantry, and many art projects to do.  I managed to watch 4 Marvel movies, and made six wash clothes, some sewing and got some cleaning done. Also it was Justin and my sixteen year anniversary on the 15th,  Sixteen years, doesn't feel that long ago we just met, but the facts don't lie. So grateful to have him in my life, not sure where I would be without him, not that I ever want to think about that.  Today the roads were clear enough to get out to get taxes done, so that is finished for another year. My health seems to be improving, I think I finally got my healthcare insurance resolved. (hoping) I may even be able to see what I really did to my foot when I fell over a year ago. It still swells up and doesn't like to bend when I exercise. So it might be nice to see what could be done with that. Other then that, I believe Jerid is on another growth spurt. He has days where he has to eat every hour, and some days he sleeps all day,  he only comes out of bed to get food.   Poor kid also is reacting to growing pains. I've been monitoring his behaviors more closely I am wondering if they can help him. Since he doesn't seem to have these issues while we are out and about, and we can not call it at will.  All in the name of the betterment of him and his life. I've been video taping them.  It's hard when all you want to do is help, but your helpless yourself.  Thank goodness for technology.  Well not much more to report, so I'll leave you with the winter wonder land that is Springtime in Minnesota.  Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Spring everyone!

It's finally spring!!! We live in Minnesota which means there is snow in the forecast this weekend. Lol!  This weekend was set aside for going to my parents house for Easter cookie decorating and grill out.   We have already gotten started with a good old fashioned spring cleaning, it's slow going but we will been getting more into it in the next week, due to Jerid being on spring brake.  On a more fun note we are slowly getting caught up on our Marvel movies, still haven't seen Thor, the Dark world, and Iron Man 2, so I have goals.  Thinking taking Jerid on a few outings, but that is pocket book pending.  I've been getting into my sewing space, but instead of being inspired to make things, I've been more inspired to clean, and that isn't a bad thing.  I do need to get things more organized, it's hard when your brain is dyslexic, it doesn't come easy.  Went to MarsCon earlier this month, Jerid was happy to be in the pool at the hotel, not so much for the rest of it, he likes to watch people, but doesn't like the panels. 

The business partner, Karen has been having the shop open (excluding the week of spring brake) on the weekends starting on Thursdays. Which means I've been knitting away to restock spring items. Also gearing up to bring items to Prelude Repeats, in Shoreview MN.  Which will be open three weeks in April. 
 Justin is gearing up for the spring Art Crawl, in Saint Paul.  He is making coloring pages of him and a Dave, a band mate. They are playing music under the name of Big Loud Monsters, playing music for children.  It is exciting, it's something they have been talking about for a few years now. So glad it's manifested into something real.  Please, check out the link.


We are hosting a clean up party to clean our garage and roof repair also in April, the week before, so the schedule is getting booked pretty quick.  Busy, busy, busy.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Almost February

Flu season is among us, and I've got it. No fever, but feel like ugh! Thank goodness, it's just me. The rest of the house is doing well. It's hard to believe that the end of January is this week, time is flying bye. This past month I had gotten to go to a pajama party of only women. It was nice to get out of the house and spend the evening with the wonderful women in my life.

Jerid's still doing well at the STAR program. They must be working him hard, because after every day, especially Mondays, he crashes for a nap as soon as he comes home.  He wakes up just in time for dinner and some television and goes to bed still at a reasonable hour. Gets up the next day with enthusiasm to do it all over again.  I feels so blessed that he is happy with this program.  He has also been signed up for two weeks of summer camp for this summer season, at Camp Eden Wood in Eden Prairie.  I'm also so grateful for the team of social workers and financial workers he has.  I have no idea what I would do without them.

Justin is starting to work on making the house the way he wants it to look, he also has decided to work on the February  challenge of , February Album Writing Month, (FAWM) hoping this works out for him, it will be exciting.

With the Super Bowl coming to the twin cities, I believe we will be avoiding the cities until after the event.  LOL, not much of a sports ball fan.

As for the state of the union, I didn't watch it before, no matter who is in office, so why would I start now? I feel I pay attention to currant events enough to not have to hear someone pat themselves on the back for stuff they did or didn't do.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 
Good by 2017 and hello 2018!

We've made it to another year! So hoping everyone had a good and safe Holiday vacation and New Years eve.  Jerid is now back at the STAR Program to start his new year and Justin and I are sick with the stomach flu. Jerid is just fine, thankfully.

We spent our New Years Eve at our friend Hope's house with her family and a few other friends. It was a quiet evening until all the kids got noise makers. LOL!

Still so much to contemplate and look forward to, Jerid will be going to Camp Eden Wood/ Friendship this summer. 

Karen and I are hoping to have the shop open a bit more often this new year, we will be sending items to sell to Shoreview, to try to make more sales. We were saddened to find that the venue for the Holiday Geek Expo was cancelled last year, to find out that the Geek Partnership Society (GPS) also had a Holiday show, we were not in that show, but we did attend. Should also point out that Karen has been working hard on our new web site, please check it out if you have a chance. www.temperancearts.com 

  We have been doing our best to keep the house warm, it's a big and drafty house, it is almost like a book of where's Waldo, to find out where a draft maybe coming from, you think you got it, then find out, nope, there is a bigger one you didn't notice. LoL! 

Well that is all for now, Happy New year everyone!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

two years!

So much has been happening since the last time I've blogged. Where to begin? Justin and I have been working through some challenges to say the least. Justin broke his back in the summer of 2016, which through off his comeback to the Minnesota Ren. Festival.  His T4-T7 were fractured due to a a bumpy ride in the back bed of a pickup truck. It resulted in Justin having two grand mall seizures and 5 days in the hospital. That experience did test our relationship, to say the least.  He also had a bad reaction to the meds they gave him which, in my opinion still linger to this day. On the up side, this year was kind of a do over, he did get to play with the band The Leprechaun Pirates this past season. The sad news is one of the members had to leave do to a compromised immune system from the chemo she received from her diagnoses of breast cancer.    My son is now 19 years old.  Nineteen. Where has that time went? He has graduated to the next stage in life, no longer is he in high school. He has started the STAR program in Chaska MN.

They are working with him to see where he can be placed, possible out comes for job placement and workforce placement. This time we have not been needing to drive out to my parents house for him to be bused to school, he is being picked up from home.  This frees up time to work more on the house, an adjustment that Justin and I have been struggling with.  It's been 4 months and the schedule is still in flux.

Although today we did get some sort of a heading for what to do next for the house and how we want to organize our home.  I have been working on my knitting again, some crochet.

I haven't been back to playing with my dolls, even though I have gotten some new "kids" that need clothes and desperately need to be played with.  I haven't yet got my sewing room (still known as warehouse 13, because of all the "treasures" that are in there) 

Yesterday I spent the day with family and friends. My mom did her annual cookie decorating parties. It was entertaining to see Justin make a monster house, out of a gingerbread house that just wouldn't stay up right.

As for the nephews they seem to be growing up so fast, last few years it was all about how many sprinkles can fit onto one cookie, now they want to make them look pretty in other ways. Jerid didn't want anything to do with the process, he likes to be on YouTube and that is all he wanted to do.

I've come back here to not only update, but to also revisit what I have felt I have lost being a way. The City of Carver still exists, I still have the depression and fear ever time I have to hear about the plans for Steamboat days. Although lately they have been kind to us, by only putting the bounce houses in front of our home, they still block off our home six ways till Sunday, (literally until Sunday night) but the upside is we are not afraid of leaving our house, and not afraid to say in our house. Which has been the issue.  We will be ever diligent and not let our guard down so that what has happened in the past does not repeat it's self.  Now all we can do is try to live our life as best we can. Thanks for reading: Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

As Time goes by.

As time goes by, life gets lived. Things you once thought of yourself gets put on a shelf and simply gets dusty. As you, yourself gets rusty and less agile. I love the spring it brings on the expectation of the new. Sun begins to shine the snow melts and the trees begin to bud, flowers bloom. Also for some (like me) almost a feeling of doom. The thoughts of what what hasn't happened yet start to creep in. I know the vale is thin in the spring, as much as it is in the fall. I experience this in the fall as well. Extreme feelings become evident. Spring brings on the wedding season. Justin and I tied the knot (literally a handfasting) this spring, it was a highlight of this year. Following it came the lows. Thoughts of why am I here, what is my purpose in life. Also the budget for Jerid's CDSC plan was today. He is doing better. Which to say is very bitter sweet. You see the way the county sees it, if a disabled person is doing well, they need less money to keep them on the right track. It is the same logic of a construction foreman looking at a tall building with a great foundation, and saying "Okay it looks good, lets take two beams off the bottom, because the top looks good." That frustration aside, it's great he's progressed. Somehow my writing on my blog stopped with the the frustrations of the City of Carver and their need to make us leave our home so they can have a drunken party in front of our home. Which makes me wonder if our family matters in the world at all. I know something needs to change. I just don't know how. We can not (should not have to) move. I'm very much feeling that I am damned if I do and damned if I don't at this point. Looking back I don't think I was ever meant to have the future I dreamed about in my younger years. I know I am so lucky to have Jerid and Justin in my life, to have a roof over my head, as shop in my house and food for my family. I just wished I deserved it. I just wish I had a purpose in life, a direction. Something to contribute to society that made me feel like I belonged in it.