Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things are topsy turvey right now...I don't want to get to horrably into detail because I don't want to bore anyone. So I'll talk about all of the good stuff I can. Justin's bands, the Feng Shui Ninjas and Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters are having a CD release party as we speak! For the Feng Shui Ninjas, the CD is named Home Shuritken Kit (in case of an emergancy throw this disc) and for Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters it's More songs about Robots and Death. Both sound awesome! I get more amazed at the talent that they have every year.

I'm still knitting baby hats, my friend Linda, who I've been giving them to, told me that they have been going to North Memorial Hospitals in Mpls, MN. Up entill now I had no idea.

Jerid is going to be starting summer school in early July, Jerid qualified for wavered services for the CDSC grant, which meens I will be able to be payed to be Jerids care giver, which meens I'll be payed, I'll have a real paying job. I'm looking forward to making enough to pay taxes again. That hasn't happened in so long. We have been preparing for Convergance, this year we didn't prepare as well as we usually do, I still don't know if I'll have anything in time for the Art show.

Justin's dad was home from the Nursing home for the weekend last week, but had to go back to the rehab center. sigh, complicated things going on with the house in Carver. four and half generations of history may be left to the state, not to Justin , because of Bill not trying anyone. sigh.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been moving to Carver, and yet it seems not at all. It doesn't help that Jerid is now out of school and it's just me, Justin and Jerid. Now not to say we haven't had help, we just have been doing ALOT of cleaning at the Carver house, there is at least ten years worth of dust and grime and clutter to work threw before we can even start moving our stuff in. ICK! so I am very thankful for what help we do get, thank you to all that have helped you know who you are. We can not even know where to begin with the thanking. sigh... Justin's dad will be back this Friday. His hospital bed will be coming on Thursday. Justin and I have been at our wits end and have been non to kind to each other lately. I blame the stresses of his father coming home, and up in coming events that may not be easy to attend. (CD release parties, Convergance to name a few) We will do what we can and hopefully things will turn out for the best, entill then Justin's dad will be home for fathers day. Yay! Justin and his Mom have not spoken to each other in even tones for almost a year, and now we will be living four blocks away from her, very soon...should be intresting. (sigh)

It also has been an emotionally hard week on me because it was Eric and I's twelve year wedding anniversary. I know he has been gone for eight years and I should have moved completly on bye now, but I get sad on that day because it was a very complex, confussing, angering and loving day. To put it mildly. It would take alot to make me forget that day. 6-12-1998. sigh

On a different note, I have been knitting still, mostly infant hats, very little and very fun. I've been taking a break from things that make me think to much and I like to use up my left over sock yarn. Keeps me in motion, when I have to keep my hands busy.

I have also started reading again, I have been reading the Dresden Files (finally) it is a good series, ok, I admit I saw the TV series first but the books are riviting. I also find it funny that all in all I'm still reading about a wizard named Harry. (Justin is on the last book of the Harry Potter series, I finally got him to read them, and I think this is the fastest I've ever seen him read anything, especially seven books in a row.)

Jerid has taken a break from Kidtalk O.T. this summer, I think it's lame that he has too because this is the time that he does his best is when he is off school. His speech is going in a different direction. In stead of them making him talk they are making him write what he wants in a relivent manner, ok I say good, but what about the talking part? They say it will come later, I just don't know how to feel about it.

Between Justin's dad, and mom, Jerid and his therepies, and all the other new things coming up I feel very tired.