Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, now that this year, 2010, is coming to a close. I like to reflect on all the good that I have seen in this past year. Yes, every year has the What the...'s but I also want to think of the good, and what the good the next year will bring. We are all alittle older, and hopefully alittle wiser this year, and hopefully alittle more every coming year. I did do what I set out to do last year, not all of it but alot. I learned to not fear my knitting projects, that I have not concured before, I also learned more about the craft then originally expected. I made new friends. I also learned to say No,(still working on that) and thank you when it is aproperate. I have been moving more, going roller skating and walking (I'm also working on that, old habits are hard to break) I also have a steady income which is mine. I like that. I think my goals for next year are the same as last.

Though everything isn't peaches and cream for me, I am greatful for what is going well in my life, my family is supportive and my friends are awesome. I hope everyone has a safe and warm New Years Eve. (picture of a hat that I made about a week ago, for a friend of mine. Picture taken by me)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thinking about my last year. I have done more projects this year then I have ever done. Though I may not have made much money, I feel good about what I have accompished, which is more what I've felt in the past. I am very lucky for my family, though I can't begin to know how to pay them back, I do my best with the love I have for them. This year is the year I've pushed myself as an artist, a knitter, a mom and a friend. I learned alot about myself, and how much I have to work on. Though many things are not the way I wish them to be, I am confadent that, just because things are not now, they can be.