Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jerid has been going to Summer Camp this week, two more weeks to go. He seemed to develope a cough, I took him to urgent care, but it seems nothing medical, I guess I have to up his juice intake, and make sure he eats, gets rest. I am fearing he may be sick soon. I really hope it's just allergies. I don't want to take him out of Camp, he really likes it. I like that he does. We talked to an elder care lawyer today. sigh. We couldn't stay longer then an hour and she insisted on getting paid right there. Two hundred an hour...How can you sit there and look at people and seriously expect two hundred dollars for sitting on your but and looking at some papers, saying things to people that may already know. I am appalled at the amout of greed that people have. Ok, rant over....Sigh, I just wish things weren't so complicated when it comes to keeping a family house in the family. Justin and I have finally come to the conclusion that we just need to move to Carver. It would be in His dad's best intrest for some one to live in his house, on the premise that he will return home, he can't live alone.

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