Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trouble sleeping

Lately I've been haveing problems sleeping at night, I have been staying up not because I'm not tired but because I haven't been sleeping well. I don't seem to be the only one, of my friends because I end up I.M.ing people on Facebook or talking on the phone till late at night. When I do go to bed, every noise seems to wake me up, When I do sleep, I wake up feeling just as tired as I did before I went to bed. I'm awake and aware. Just tired and drained. I did notice since we got the AC put in my sleeping has gotten a little bit better. The up side of being awake is that I have been busy.
I have finished Justin's brown socks and now am make a new pair, also still working on baby hats, and started a five hour baby sweater. I've also started my new job of being a paid Parent threw the CDSC grant, I should be getting my first pay check in about a week, I think. (hope)
I also have to start thinking of baby blankets soon, I have a few friends that are expecting before the year is through.
I'm also hoping with my pay checks, I will have enough money to start taking time for myself for a change. I have lots of bills to take careful (who doesn't) I'm hoping to have enough to have one night a week just for me. (preferably Wednesdays) so I can be social and maybe alittle active.
Well heres to being active.

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