Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This post is about the man who's picture I put up...His name is Eric Bryce Dibble, he was born July 31, 1975 and he passed away Oct. 17, 2001.

Since his birthday is coming up, I thought I would write about him. His nick name was Guppy, and he was great soul.

He became my Husband June 12, 1998 and was a father to Jerid that same year.

He loved being a dad, even with his declining health he was as active as he could be at the Ren. Fest Minnesota.

I miss him and his laugh.

Rest in Peace Guppy, you are still loved.


Brittzorz said...
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Brittzorz said...

That's beautiful, Sara. I think it's great that you remember him often, and (naturally) so fondly. Sounds like a great guy.

(Sorry if you got notified about this comment twice. I didn't know I had a blogger account, but apparently I did, so that led to weirdness.)

Sara Dibble said...

It's ok, for the double comment, I'm still trying to figure this system out.

stitchinghermit said...

We always have our memories of loved ones who have passed , this is our comfort and part of who we are. This post of yours is a lovely sentiment and memorial of a part of you and your life; memories of those who have blessed us with their presence are treasures in and of our heart.