Monday, July 12, 2010

Jerid started summer school last week, I had a meeting with Andrea B. (Jerid's social worker) I am now signed up to get paid as a Paid Parent, It to me is very exciting and scarey. Let the adventure begin. I've been knitting the second sock in a set, for Justin, just got done with the heal. I've been using my left overs for infent hats, which are alot of fun! Jusin has a lot of phone calls to make, which he successfully avoided today. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow, the up side is we have our AC in at the trailer now, at least we can be confortable when we go to bed. Jerid is having a hard time with working at Kidtalk, I don't know how I can make it easy for him, I wish I knew why he is so resistent to working with them. I'm also wondering why he is so reluctant to most things, he just seems more withdrawn then usual. sigh.
I can't help but relate it to Bill (Justin's dad) he is resistant to cares and is withdrawn as well. Not that it is related but it just seems like a paraelle.
I'm also trying to think of ways to use my tallents to bring about money or at least change to the system at hand. I can' t help but wonder why the government doesn't want familly's to have a legacy. It seems that houses are taken from famillies every year, because of the lack of money that a family can't pay to properly take care of a family member. Why is it so hard to find affordiable care for our aging community. No fed. gov. program, sliding fee scale with options for family to help by moving in to keep the family home sted. According to lawyers, Minnesota State law has made it even harder to keep a residence, no matter how many generations have lived in it. I can't believe that. It doesn't matter how much you've done from a far, because they are resistant to help (trying to convice you they are ok because of pride.) and tryed like hell to get your loved one home, to take care of them and give them what they want (which is to be home) That is why I want to start a "Keep the family home project" a non-profit org. to help give the family what they need when all they want to do is presurve the family home and history for the next gen. I just have no Idea how to do it. If anyone knows how, please let me know.


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