Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Snow and other things.

Bug Bee Hive resort, front door of our cabin
April 2013.
 This past week has been exciting for me in Minnesota, this past weekend I went on a retreat with the Nokomis Knitting group, also know is the Clickity Chicks, to peaceful Bug bee Hive resort in  Paynesville MN.

Per request, no pictures of the knitters have been taken this year, but this was the view from our front door of the cabin we were in.

To clarify, this is a picture taken in April of this year, and yes that is about six to nine inches of snow on the ground.   It snowed most of time we there, but then the sun came out and melted most of it then it would snow again.  Every one got there safely and returned safely as well so it was a good weekend.

tree in my parents front yard 4-23-13
Most people left the retreat revitalized and with a little less unfinished projects on their needles.  I made two chemo hats and finished socks for my mom.    I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my friends who make this weekend possible, and put up with me for the days we were there.

I've been dying yarn lately. (as my previous post has shown.)  I also have received another sheep pelt.  I have to clean it, but Justin has been heavily hinting on getting me a carder.  I've been saving up, and tax money may be helping in this investment.  The Minnesota Shepard Harvest Festival is coming up on Mother's day.  So we will see if it is in the cards by then.

We need to see about a roof for our house first.   House comes first then the fun.

Carver road left completely covered in snow, right almost melted

Jerid is doing well with his schooling, he is following directions so much better then he has in the past.  He now has home work to do.  Which he is like most kids not willing to show us, but we have to take it out of his bag and make him do his sentences.   He will be going to high school next year so his paras have been gearing him up for the transfer.  His teachers have expressed that they will be missing him.

Justin has been working on his illustrated  book about monsters, finally got past the writing and  mapping out process, now to the making of the pages!  I am so excited to see him do this.

The shop in our house is still there.  We get allot of traffic in Carver, just have allot more antique hunters, then handmade junkies.  We were open this past weekend.  Thanks to Karen, of  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Larsenstitches/307418729306601?ref=hl who made that possible, while I was on retreat.  

So thanks for reading.  Till next time.

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