Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Brake

MN river morning in Carver MN.
Pict. taken by Justin Hartley
Wow, June 10!  Time flies.  Justin is working on his illustrations for the book he has written. I'm so proud of him.

   Jerid is off of school, Jerid's last day of school was at Valley Fair.  I wasn't impressed with how they treat their disabled guests. First off I would like to point out that if you have a PCA, Parra, or Support Staff to go with you for your day of fun to Valley Fair, they do not get in free, they are not discouted, full price or bust. (last year they were aloud to get in free, not this year)

To establish that one of their patrons is disabled is frustrating enough they expected us after getting the proper paperwork taken care of they expected us to go back out side and wait in line to get in, when the pass allows the disabled party to bi-pass all lines.  When argued with they seemed annoyed that we pointed it out but aloud us to bi-pass the line.  Next on the sheet of paper the ride conductors are allowed to turn the disabled person away to come back at a different time.  Most of these kids have to go against a crowd of people coming off the ride to get to the ride then after they are so close to the ride, are made to leave to come back 20 minutes later, WTF?  My son is pretty easy going, but he's not above a tantrum hell at that point I'm not above having a tantrum.  What difference does it make that a disabled person cut in line now or twenty minutes from now?  So I'm warning all that want to go to Valley Fair who have a disabled child or client that it may not a good idea.  Other wise we had a pretty good day.
   So summer brake is here we are trying to establish a groove at home.  School usually gives us a window of time without Jerid, so we can get the things Jerid hates to do, done without him.  Summer does not allow such things to happen as easily.  Before the start of the brake we had gotten the loan taken care of for a new roof.  YaY! No word yet on a start date, but we did sign papers with dotted I's and crossed T's so we just have to rely on mother nature to have a few days without rain, because they put us on the list, the more clear days the closer and faster they can get to us on that list.  I've been racking my brains to figure out what I'm doing for ConVergance this year.  I'm thinking about making a quilt, don't know if it will be done by then but I'll be working a little bit on it day by day to see where it takes me by 4th of July weekend.  Temperance Arts and Gifts now has an Etsy site!  www.temperancearts@etsy.com check it out, not much is there, ideas are always welcome.

Justin and I are hosting a house concert, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Beth Kinderman and the player Characters, possibly Candles Enough and Cheshire Moon. July 13,2013.  In Carver MN.  for more info check out www.fengshuininjas.com, www.bethkinderman.com or check them out on Facebook.

So not much more to report.  Thanks for reading.

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