Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Knitting News... Today I went to my usual Knitting spot, the place I try to knit at least every Sunday. I saw some fellow fiber artists, I thought it was very cool and tried to socialize to meet new people, that seem to have a love for the arts of fiber. Then I had to remind myself a very important thing. Knitters are an intresting breed and there is two types of knitters in this world. Ones that are social knitters, they knit out side of the house to meet new people and want to socialize outside and inside of their inner circle, thus creating a bigger circle of friends. Then the other ones are anti-social knitters they knit out side of the house but are not intrested in meeting other knitters, their inner circle is just fine and there is no need to expand it. I often find that most of the knitters where I live (Chaska Area) are the anti-social knitters, sad to say. I hope to find people in my area willing to expand there social knitting circle entill then I'll just have to knit alone in the city I live, and drive to MPLS, for my social circle. In Jerid news... I was in the coffee shop (as said above) when a person who works with Jerid came up to him and said hi. She told me that Jerid is doing more and more Swimming on his own. Without a flotation device. He is also jumping off the diving board and is going into the deepend willingly. This is exciting news, consitering where he was a few short monthes ago. He is making great gains in his physical development. I'm very proud of him. We still have alot of work left to go, but the journey is the best part. In Moving to Carver News.... In my previous post I anouced that Justin's dad had past away. He apparently had no will and so everything is pending. The county wants over two-hundred grand from his astate and it's not worth that much. The house has been in the family for four generations and may be lost to the county because of Bill had no will. We are looking in to get a Lawyer because we have been working on the house for over three years. We were mostly moved in and have put alot of money and work into the home we were hoping that would be owned by a 5th gen. Hartley. If anyone knows a good lawyer, or knows the laws around this sort of thing please let us know. Thanks

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