Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's that time again, two days till school starts and it is Labor Day weekend. I wish I could say that everything is great, but I just got an e-mail from my sons social worker and it looks like my pay is going down and my hours are getting cut, more then I thought I would. sigh. I can't help but feel like it's my fault for trying to have a normal life, and buying some things for myself I've been putting off for years, I was hoping to get a new dryer, I guess that has be put on hold for now, again. (Although with budget cuts, we all know who we can blame, I meen thank for that, thanks TEA Party and GOP jerks!)

On a brighter note...

Since I wrote last time, I did sign up for the Knitting Mastery program. (my last big purchess for myself (and only me) for a good long while) It is a very intense program. I've not been one for making swatches or worrying about gauge. (I know I'm bad, what can I say, but I like to live on the edge). I also will have to write two page report on blocking, which I have not done allot of either. I should also confess that I haven't done a report since High School. (yep, it's been a while)

I also am doing a short "report" on why Steampunk is relvent enough to make a pattern book for knitters to submitt and hope that a publisher will like the idea, I'm hoping to include many different designers to make it as diverse and unique as possible (also add a few designs of my own).

Between all of that I'm doing my best to make costumes for Fest and make Christmas gifts. Busy, busy.

I have submitted a pattern for One-hundred one skien wonders Crochet, I haven't heard if they liked it or not, hears to hoping right?

Hope everyone stays safe, and Happy crafting.

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