Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I would like to point out that this is long over do, and I'm sorry for the delay.

Well I had recieved some really good goodies from the Beltain (Mayday) Swap and I'm greatful to say that my package did make it there. I didn't get any pictures apon the arrival of my package but I have some pictures of some of the things that I got, I'll be posting more later...I would like to say to YaYaSis, thank you again fro the lovely gifts.

My very first package from a different country, all the way from Berlin Germany. I thought that was so cool!

In my package that I recieved was a spindle and some roving, (the roving isn't pictured, it was a lovely purple), I have never spun my own yarn, so I took my new spindle to the Sheperd Harvest Festival and learned how to spin or "role my own" yarn. I also got some really cool sock yarn which I started new socks for myself. (pictured, socks were the Blue Bell socks from One hundred and One Designer One Skien Wonders book) I love the color way and couldn't stop to take a before picture (sorry). She also sent me some jewlry, chocolate and some goodies for my dollies. I'm going to post some pictures with those idems (I promise).

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