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new years

Intergalactic folk festival 2013
Happy New Year Everyone!!!  It just dawned on me that I haven't updated in a while and thinking this is a perfect time to do so.  The first of the new year always makes me reflect on the last.  Maybe a little cliche on my end but hay, why not.  It was a bumpy road but we managed to stay on it.  which isn't a bad thing.  As of October 31 we have been at our currant residence in Carver and allot has happened to say the least.  Between figuring out the quarks of our 157 year old house (I know all houses have them no matter the age) Frozen pipes, finding out what doesn't trip the fuses, new roof, new kitten,  bees moving in, and moving them out,  wasps, box elder bugs,  bats and random scratching thing in the walls (that's new)  squirrels, opening a shop,  Intergalactic folk festivals (with broken arms), birthday parties, Halloween get together s, Renaissance festival guests, car brake downs, potty training, ghosts (just the family saying hello), random smells, fights with city hall, new bridge constructions in our back yard, steamboat days, craft shows and it seems much much more. (not all in that order)

new bridge started in 2012, finished 2013
I know I listen allot above, I haven't quite shared with you yet so, let me explain.   Since the last entry we have had a few things have been happening.  A friend of mine Karen Larsen (Larsenstitches.com) has become a major player for our little in home shop Temperance Arts and Gifts.  She has been getting us out to arts show and has started her own on line shop as well as sells her items at the shop.  So we have been busy to say the least.  
The car brake downs haven't really been all that new.  On Christmas day our cars rod that holds the hood open fell across the battery, shorting out the whole car.  Not fun!
new roof 2013, YaY!
Ghosts haven't been making appearances until a few months ago.  Now we are having random smells down the hall ways like someone is cooking (something delicious) Christmas Eve it smelled like hot apple pie, before we started to cook for the day.   Thanksgiving smelled like Roast (no one cooked that day)  Not complaining, in the least, it could be worse.  

We only had one bat in the house, I was on line and in my sewing room when it happened, of course Justin was at band practice.  So I locked myself in my room until Justin came home.  The most frustrating of all is when Justin came home, there was no bat.  Haven't seen it since.  Now he thinks I'm crazy.  (Just kidding, he believes me)

Random scratching in the walls are happening as well, we haven't been brave enough to investigate, we think it's a raccoon, or a possum.  Not sure, we just know it loves to scratch, and if you tap on the walls where it is, it will hiss at you.  No clue.

steamboat days, how are we supposed to get home
now? 2013
As for Steamboat days and the headaches that come with it, we just have resided ourselves that education is key.  It seems that no one knows that we live in the big red house down the block.  So we just let people know as they come into the shop and talk to as many people in town that the house is occupied by three people who love their piece and quite, especially on school weekends.  Educate, Educate, Educate.

So I'll finish off this blog post with pictures with descriptions, because all of a sudden my computer is acting up.  Instead of fighting with it for an hour and loosing here it goes!  Love technology!
gardening successes! 2013
   This year we started our first Garden with some successes!  We planted Zucchini, tomatoes, squash, sunflowers, and peppers.  Most of all we ate, and was very good, we are thinking of adding more next year. We are hoping it will be as successful.  

new shop sign! 2013
 New shop sign picture!  We are getting more exposure as a little shop in our house gets more popular.  We have gotten new signs and it seems to be helping to let people know we exorcist!
bees getting a new home away from ours! 2013  
BEES! Yes, that is the side of our house being dissembled for the removal  a honey  bee hive that moved in.  This summer was a fun one they moved in two days after we got our new roof, and the week before the Intergalactic Folk festival that caused great concern for two of the musicians were highly allergic to bees were to performed.   They were removed a week after the festival.  No one got stung.  Thankfully!

So I'm hoping that this year is a little bit less critter based.  Can't wait! 
(or maybe I can.)

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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