Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Been Moving to Carver

Well since it's been about a month and a half since I've last blogged I should say I have moved from Chaska to the little town of Carver, MN.  The house pictured is the place that I moved too. It looks a little different since this picture was taken.  It's been in my S.O.'s family for four generations.  He is the 5th to own and live in it.  There is a lot of history to a home that is older the MN it's self (by two years.) It was built next to the Minnesota River and was a hotel owned by the Strache Family at first, then their oldest daughter got married to Dr. Hartley who would stay at the hotel and open an office there when he was in town.  They inheirted the place after Bertha's parents past away. Then it was the Hartley house since the 1880's.   So we have been going through what is left of the family heirlooms and cleaning, cleaning cleaning.  Also trying to find the funding to replace the roof.  There also has been some major construction to the roads near the place can't be seen from the road, our plan is to open up the first door to the old doctors office to have craft sales and maybe a shop one day.  We just are trying convince the Steamboat Days coordinator to not block our house during the celebration (not to put the beer tent in front of our house.)  So we can participate.  Lot's of plans.

Also we went to Convergence this last weekend.  Lot's of fun as always!  I didn't sell anything at the Art show.  I tried something new and well, it didn't work. I guess it's back to the drawing board.  I did get to see a lot of good panels, and listened to great music , and was lucky enough to that we had friends that were kind enough to share their room at the hotel, Thanks again Beth and Eric! 

I did get a pair of 'Time traveler' hand mitt's done this weekend as well.  I also received a package for my Big Bang Theory Swap on Ravelry yesterday and received word that my package made it there in tact.  Things are good.  

So not many pictures this time, my camera's on the fritz.  Sorry.

Thank you for reading and tata for now.

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