Monday, January 26, 2009

Wow, it is a new year, and so far it has been a tuff start, alot has been going on good an bad. I start off with the good (for a change). Jerid has been pregressing in his O.T. and his Speech Therepies (Thank You Kidtalk!!!) They are seeing if they can get him to come three times a week, which is one more day then they have been seeing him. I was impressed he actually saidOPEN, in front of Grandma, on Friday, which is impressive because he had never said anything in front of Grandma. (I think it is to keep some sort of illusion that he is still a baby.) So HORRAY, my Ten year old is finally started talking! I'm so proud!

In case anyone was wondering this picture was taken last September in the back of the booth at the Ren Fest in MN, he found that the managers baby swing was a prefect place to sit...like I said, he likes to think of himself as a baby.

My brother, Zach, Pam his wife and thier kids came up from Florida, I got to see Justin, my oldest nephew whom I haven't seen in almost two years, and so I met my newest nephew, Evan, who is 17 mos (well in the picture anyway)
This is Justin, 11 years old in the picture, playing the
Wii, Cars Game. It was pretty funny when they came up here to MN, thier friends from Florida kept calling up and telling them it was a freezing 40 degrees, and the funny part was when they came up here it didn't get above 5 degrees. They ended up taking a picture of the thermastate and sending it to thier friends, I don't have the picture but I think you could imagine.

My Grandfather, Dallas Anderson, had his 80th Birthday party on the 17 of January and it was good, some miss comuniction on who was bringing cake (there were three), but I met some of my Mom's aunts and uncles I never met before, I thought that was pretty awesome.

Speaking of Birthdays, my friend Hope had her second Child in November, it is a girl named Annabelle she is adorible. Mom is doing well. Evan, her oldest son is thrilled to be a brother but is getting over the fact that he has a sister and not a brother. Her Husband Kirk is doing well as well. This is a picture of Annabelle, I don't have one of the whole familly yet, so this will have to do.

I have been knitting alot, mostly socks, but also I have been knitting for my dolls, I have also just gotten for Christmas my second BJD, Miss Turry Revealed. She is also called Premavara. She has six pears of ears to choose from and she is the one in the Green sweater, that I knitted. I also included one of my favorite pictures that I took of my first BJD, Secret, Black Elegance. She is wearing a dress that I made as well. the other two are Prudence, picking up the pieces, and a Basic American Model doll. they are also wearing sweaters that I made.
Anouther good thing that is happening this year is that the bands Justin is in, Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters and the Feng Shui Ninjas, are getting ready for thier CD release parties next month in Feburary! This is a really bad picture of the Feng Shui Ninjas at thier first show at the Riverview Cafe. (good coffee.) They have come alongway since then, if your intrested yes, both bands have a Myspace page, you should check them out!

Justins dad has been in the VA hospital since before Thanksgiving, he had a brain bleed, which is sort of like a stroke and Justin is trying to get gardianship is his father to better help him, We are also trying to clean up his dads home. sigh not much else to report, picture is of Justin and his Father, in VA hospital during Chistmas.

Ok, for the not so happy news, friends of mine had lost one thier twins, Maelie, on the third of January 2009, they are dear friends of mine, I am doing what I can to help them. It is the sadest news to date.

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